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About Radical Rose Botanicals

My name is Gina, a practicing herbalist + shiatsu bodyworker.
Thank you for your interest in my offerings. I hope you feel nourished by what you find here.

Radical Rose Botanicals is a coming together of a deep love for the Earth & plants and a desire to be a part of the transformation & reweaving of collective & planetary healing. I feel that radical change is necessary if we are to find a truly harmonious way to live with the Earth.

I am thoroughly enthralled by the beauty of the natural world. The simple yet unfathomably complex perfection that has manifested. I feel when we learn to slow down & look closely, that a whole new world is revealed, right before our eyes. Through my work as an herbalist & shiatsu practitioner, I hope to facilitate this seeing & remembering that we are all a part of nature, in fact that we are nature. I feel that this remembering is integral to our healing as a human species & planet.

As an herbalist, farmer, shiatsu practitioner, and yogini, all of my work is informed by my understanding of the plants and the body. I am an avid learner, forever enchanted by the depth of wisdom and potency of tracking patterns throughout the body. I have a background in traditional systems of plant medicine, in particular the Chinese Five Element System, anatomy & physiology, herb-drug interactions as well as the Meridian System. Farming paired with regular ventures to the woods, fields, and meadows gives me the opportunity to continue engaging and learning from the plants directly through embodied experience.

I hope to inspire curiosity in others to reconnect with the plants and their bodies as a way to create a greater sense of self awareness and agency. Together we are creating this collective reality we call life.



Radical Rose Botanicals is a garden to apothecary project, and also offers herbal consultations as well as Shiatsu bodywork. To learn more click on apothecary, consultations, and shiatsu.

Turkey Tail

My training:

3+ years of study at the Meridian School with Nini Melvin

Embodyoga 200hr Teacher Training

Foundation Training classes (ongoing)

3 year Clinical Herbalist program at Vermont Center

for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH)

4+ year training with Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine

various lectures at Women's Herbal Conference & International Herb Symposium (IHS)

Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery

Art of Home Herbalism & Women's Health with Thyme Herbals

ongoing self study through research, books,

and direct experience


Farming & gardening, with a specific focus

on medicinal herbs for 7+ years.

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