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In addition to being an herbalist, I am also a gardener & farmer. Being directly involved and building relationships with the plants is of utmost importance to me. I find great joy in engaging with each step of the process--from starting seeds and planting to harvesting and processing into teas, tinctures, oils, etc. I feel this is both part of my continued education and ensures that I can offer the most potent preparations to my clients. This is one of the ways in which I work as a facilitator, connecting people with plants to support them on their wellness journey.


I grow or wild harvest & craft the majority of the herbal formulas that I offer through Radical Rose Botanicals. All other herbs are sourced organically, prioritizing local options whenever possible. I am committed to continually learning how to be in right relationship with the land, striving to steward it as best I can. In deep gratitude to the plants that make our lives possible.


Radical Rose Botanicals offers bulk herbs (teas & powders), tinctures, glycerines, vinegars,

oils, salves, & creams.

Bulk Herbs: $3.75 per oz

Tinctures: $10 per oz

Glycerines: $8 per oz

Vinegars: TBA

Oils: price varies

Salves & creams: price varies

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