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Herbal Consultations

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Self care is revolutionary.

     To me, herbalism is about feeling supported and empowering ourselves and each other to take our health and wellness into our own hands, thus building tools of self awareness & community resiliency. We start wherever we are, with compassion and patience. All peoples have a history of working with plants for their well being. Herbalism is a reminder that this tradition continues to thrive and is in fact our birthright as human beings.

     Herbal consultations are an opportunity for an in depth conversation of your primary concerns and goals relating to your wellness journey. My role is to be a supportive resource by sharing my knowledge and experience of body systems, plants, and lifestyle practices so that together we can support you to meet your goals. Ultimately, as the expert in your own body, you make the final choices. In this way our client-herbalist relationship becomes a partnership.

     As an herbalist, I do not directly diagnose or treat but rather draw on energetic pattern systems (e.g. TCM, Ayurveda) to assess the nature of an imbalance and thus what tools, including herbs, whole foods nutrition, movement and lifestyle practices, can support your body’s innate healing capacity. My approach is client-centered, honoring that each individual is unique, as is each wellness protocol.

     My hope is that folks walk away with a sense of excitement and agency about their wellness. I feel that herbal care is transformative as it has the ability to reconnect us to our relationship with plants, nature and our own bodies.


Note: Consults are currently held over video chat or phone call. I use an encrypted video platform to keep your health information secure.

Philosophy & Approach

I look forward to working with you!

Types of Consultations:

Comprehensive Initial Intakes:

   Initial intakes are 1-2 hours. Within your comfort level, we will have a comprehensive discussion so I can get a well rounded sense of your whole self and what is going on for you. The body is a whole organism, so it is important to look at symptoms in relation to the whole, in order to uncover patterns and sources of imbalance. After our initial consultation, I will contact you via email or by phone within a week to discuss my protocol ideas. Herbal formulas can be filled directly through the Radical Rose Botanicals apothecary or I am happy to support you to source herbs elsewhere.

Cost: sliding scale $50-120 + the cost of herbal formulas


Note: The cost of consultations include both our intake hour(s) as well as time researching as needed, developing your formulas and protocols,  filling and shipping formulas, and responding to your emails.

More information about sliding scale see below.

Cost of herbal formulas see below.

Follow Up Intakes:

Follow up intakes last 45-60 minutes. I recommend scheduling your first follow up intake a month after our initial intake. Subsequent follow ups tend to be 4 - 6 weeks apart, as needed. During follow up intakes, we discuss how working with formulas and supportive strategies is going and if you have noticed any changes. Adjustments to formulas and protocols will be made as needed. 

Two-three follow up intakes are strongly recommended, as it can take time to integrate and see lasting changes with this kind of work.


Our work together can last for 3-6 months or more as needed.


Cost: sliding scale $30-65 + the cost of herbal formulas


Acute Care:

Sometimes we just need acute, short term, specific care. I offer 30 minute sessions for such needs. Examples of concerns that may fall in this category include acute infections (e.g. colds, flu, UTIs), acute injuries, sudden skin irritations, etc. We will focus on remedies that you may have available at home or are easily accessible locally so you can get the care you need as soon as possible.

Cost: sliding scale $25-50 + the cost of herbal formulas if needed


Complimentary call:

I offer complimentary 15 minutes phone conversation to give folks a sense of what I offer and if working together is the right fit for both of us. 

I look forward to working with you!

How to prepare:

Please send your filled out intake form & informed consent (forms will be provided) to me by email before we meet.

Any applicable lab work

Names of medications, supplements or herbs and dose you are currently using

Bring your questions and curiosities

     Most importantly bring your whole self in whatever capacity feels safest & best to you. All of you is welcome. Prepare whatever you need to feel comfortable— water, tea, etc & have an easily accessible bathroom. A notebook and writing utensil for notes may also be helpful. I will also send any recommendations and supportive strategies to you in writing via email.

The beauty of working with plants is the diversity of preparation types, designed specifically to both feel accessible to the client while also addressing wellness goals. Types of herbal formulas available include dried & powdered herbs, tinctures, glycerines, vinegars, oils, salves and creams. Formulas are provided with instructions on how to work with them.

The cost of herbal formulas ranges according to the type of support folks need and budget. A general cost of formulas per month ranges from $30-50 for bulk herbs (teas or powder) and $50-150 for tinctures. That’s approximately $1-5 per day based on daily dosage.

Bulk herbs (teas & powders): $4 per oz

Tinctures: $10 per oz

For more information about apothecary offerings & prices click here.

Cost of Herbs

Sliding Scale

In an effort to reduce socio-economic barriers to wellness care, I offer my consultations on a sliding scale model. 


No disclosure of finances is necessary, I trust you to choose where on the scale feels right for you based on your circumstances. And I ask that you pay what you can, as that directly supports others to access herbal care. Note that what you pay can shift over time as your financial resources may shift.


I am open to payment plans.


Each month I reserve one initial intake and a follow up with the sliding scale beginning at $0. Please email me at if you would like to know more about this offering. 

Below is a chart developed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk that can be supportive in gauging where you fall on the sliding scale.

Click here to read more about sliding scale models.

Cancellation Policy: I ask that you give at least 24 hour notice in advance and commit to doing the same. 

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3 year Clinical Herbalist program at Vermont Center

for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH)

4+ year training with Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine

various lectures at Women's Herbal Conference & International Herb Symposium (IHS)

Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery

Art of Home Herbalism & Women's Health with Thyme Herbals

ongoing self study through research, books, and direct experience


Farming & gardening, with a specific focus on medicinal herbs for the last 7+ years.

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