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Upon first trying this oxymel with a friend in the middle of winter she exclaimed--"mmhmm, it taste like summer!" Think of that late June summer heart fire, the days are long, the sun is hot and life is good! The heart wants to experience, connect & love, it's flame is that which keeps us going. This shrub is a taste of that, full of plants that nourish & sweeten the heart.


Suggested use: 1-2 teaspoons on it's own or added to seltzer, water or some other creative mixed beverage. Shake before use.


Ingredients: locally grown Strawberries*, Damiana*, Linden*, Rose*, organic Apple Cider Vinegar, local Raw Honey*




Shelf Life: Best used within 1-2 years. As a natural product, vinegar "Mother" may form.


4 oz in a glass bottle with a plastic top

Kiss of Summer Shrub

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  • Oxymels are vinegar & honey based preparations infused with herbs. They are electrolyte rich and thus support the body to stay hydrated, especially when it feels like water is just running right through you. They're also a tasty way to take herbs & add some flavor to your day!

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